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Founded in May 2012 by Sudhir Sastry, Vamsi Mudiam, and Murali Mohan, Chianti Ristorante & Wine Bar stands as a beacon of simply authentic Italian dining with multiple locations across Bangalore. It was born from the passion of these individuals with a singular goal in mind: bringing authentic Italian flavours to people in a warm environment, thus creating a space that customers could rely on for special and unforgettable experiences.  

Best Italian Pasta Chianti Bangalore

The heart of Chianti beats with a service-forward ethos, reflected in its warm and welcoming environment. The brand aspires to transport diners to an Italian trattoria, enticing them to indulge in the simple yet authentic flavours of Italian cuisine. The menu, featuring hearty portions, echoes the warmth of genuine Italian hospitality – making Chianti a cherished destination as a fine dining restaurant in Bangalore for those seeking an authentic taste of Italy in the heart of our city.

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From busy streets to bustling shopping malls and corporate tech parks , each of Chianti’s seven locations (Koramangala, Indiranagar, M G Road, Bellandur, Hebbal, Kanakapura Road and Kadubeesanahalli)  has been meticulously designed to enhance the dining experience. Having thrived for over a decade, Chianti has not only become a cherished spot in the hearts of every Bangalorean but has also made significant contributions to the local dining scene – solidifying its presence as a quintessential part of the city’s culinary landscape.

Food, Wine and Beverages

Fresh Ingredients Chianti Bangalore

Chianti’s culinary philosophy is rooted in simplicity and authenticity. Traditional Italian recipes, passed down through generations, tell stories of love and dedication infused into each meal. While maintaining this authenticity, the menu has undergone minimal modernisation – reflecting traditional and genuine Italian dishes.

The menu features signature dishes made with high-quality ingredients sourced locally and some even imported from Italy. Notable are the in-house crafted cheeses and pastas. The restaurant prides itself on delivering hearty portions that serve value for money. Some signature dishes include Spaghetti Aglio Olio, Tiramisu, Lasagne Al Forno, Insalata Di Caesar, and Pizza Del Chianti. The menu also includes a dedicated vegan section, catering to diners seeking plant-based options.

The bar menu features an extensive wine collection with both imported and domestic selections, and expertly crafted wine cocktails. Each selection is carefully chosen to complement the menu and the staff are periodically trained to recommend wine pairings tailored to enhance the flavours of each dish.

Design and Hospitality

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Chianti’s ambience is skillfully crafted, immersing guests in the charm of a cosy Italian trattoria. The architectural design of each restaurant encapsulates the essence of a warm and familial dining experience, as evident in the rustic elements reminiscent of Italy’s diverse regions. The influence of Rome is discernible through exposed brick masonry and arches, grounding the space with a timeless quality. Meanwhile, the Tuscan spirit comes alive through meticulously planned island seating arrangements, rustic tables, and a carefully curated stacked wood bar – fostering an atmosphere that celebrates the authenticity of locally sourced ingredients. Venetian aesthetics add a touch of refined elegance, seen in delicate arches, intricate mesh details, and the opulence of crystal chandeliers. 

The integration of upcycled pinewood cladding and wooden flooring, accentuated by layered lighting, stands as a testament to the philosophy of “less is more” or as the Italians say “meno e meglio”. Embedded in the master plan is a nod to Bangalore’s green heritage, with Al Fresco dining spaces surrounded by lush foliage, paying homage to the City of Gardens. This thoughtful synthesis of architectural elements captures the essence of family dining, creating a space that resonates with warmth, authenticity, and a touch of Italian-inspired sophistication.


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